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We all know that one of the primary advantages of web conferencing is conducting online meetings remotely, rather than having to waste time and money on travel; but what about the advantages of web conferencing that you might not necessarily know about?

Five Advantages of Web Conferencing Solutions are:

1. Application and Desktop Sharing

One of the most important advantages of web conferencing is desktop and application sharing. The ability to present information through PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, and any number of other applications ensures that your meeting runs smoothly and that everyone is on the same page despite the distance.

2. Increase Productivity

Web conferencing does save travel time, but that’s the

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Heading Toward A Sellers' Market

Upper Key homes prices were up during the first quarter, putting to rest any lingering doubt that the market took a long-term hit from Hurricane Irma.  In fact, the higher prices, combined with declining inventory, give all appearances that we're headed towards a sellers' market.   During the months of January through March, the median closing price for homes sold from Duck Key north through Key Largo (Ocean Reef excluded) was $510,000, a jump of 13% year-over-year.  Meanwhile, the average number of days it took for homes to sell dropped from 143 last winter to 121 this winter.  The quickening sales pace was likely caused, at least in part, by the fact that fewer homes are available for sale.


As of March 31,

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