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For any of you that are Big Bang Theory fans, I'm sure you're familiar with "Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Fun With Flags"? I was thinking it might be a good idea to do something similar with real estate questions. There are so many different questions I get asked during a typical transaction, that I'm sure those of you that are contemplating either buying or selling a property would be interested in knowing the answers to.  

Every week we will collect questions from those that are following my blog here.  On Thursday of each week I will review those questions and pick one or two to give a brief answer to using video blogging. I'll try to choose questions that would have a broad appeal.

If you're interested in asking a real estate related question you can

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Economist are predicting there will be an uptick in the prime interest rates by the end of the year or in the first quarter of next year.  If your a gambler you may want to wait to buy your next home, if not, you may want to consider finding that next purchase now and locking in on an already low interest rate!

If you need to sell your current home first, the I can help you with both the sale or the purchase of your next Florida Keys home!  Call me 305-393-9173 

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Anyone taking great pictures of the November Super Moon please send them to me!  #tonights super moon

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Red Zone Football, Food and Red hot deals on Real Estate!  Come on by, open all day until 5:00!  MM 86 Bay Side!

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We're open this afternoon!  Stop by and watch the Florida game and eat some goodies, drink a beverage or two! Who knows, maybe even preview some great properties at halftime!

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This morning was the annual Key Largo Bridge Run.  The gang from Freewheeler Realty were on hand starting at 6:00 a.m. serving juice, pancakes and sausage patties to all the runners!  Great time and fun group of folks. Large crowd of runners from all over the US and Canada!

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Thanks to all my friends and family that have served proudly for all we as a nation stand for!  We must now stand together to make our country great again. Diversity is the greatest opportunity for insuring we have the right input to make great decisions. Inclusion is a opportunity to embrace all cultures, races, genders and ages into a country that has the ability and resources to put ourselves as a nation back on top in education, health care, safe communities, technology and personal well being.

As a veteran I served along side a multitude of different individuals, but as a team we fought for all people.

I'm Proud to be a Veteran and an American!

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Every Thursday here in the upper Keys the local board of realtors, holds an opportunity for realtors with current listings to open those listings for touring by other realtors, lenders and the general public.  This gives a seller and their agent a much larger audience of people who are searching for properties here in the local.  Having a good working knowledge of the current inventory saves time and effort when a buyer identifies what they are looking for in a potential purchase.  I know personally I have been out touring properties on caravan, walk into a home and the light bulb comes on, because I know, this is exactly what one of my buyers is looking for!  Without caravan I would have been less likely to have identified this property for them. 

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Now that the election jitters are behind us and there is a sense of optimism hopefully building among our nations population. Now may be a great time to reflect on investments in real estate.  There are still a lot of great properties in the Florida Keys.  If you have been sitting on the fence contemplating whether to sell or buy a property waiting on the outcome of the election, it's now time to make your move.  If I can assist you in any of your decisions whether it be from doing a Market analysis of your property's potential value or whether the asking price for that potential purchase is in line with its current value.  Call me at 305-393-9173 I'm Local, I'm Global!

Jeff Fickett

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